SAP Lumira, standard edition

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Tap into your data - big and small - and discover answers with SAP Lumira software. Fast data manipulation and engaging visualizations allow you to combine and analyze data from a variety of enterprise and ad-hoc sources and quickly discover unique insight – no scripts, predefined queries or reports required.

Ignite your creative ideas with fast and
engaging data discovery

SAP Lumira software is one of the fastest, most engaging ways to get answers from your data – big and small. By letting you pull data directly from enterprise and ad-hoc sources and bringing them together in a repeatable way without having to ask for an IT organization’s help, it redefines the notion of self-service information. Point and click data manipulation lets you organize and consolidate data the way you want to: quickly and without a single line of code or an additional modeling layer.

SAP Lumira's engaging interface and beautiful visualizations allow you to analyze data quickly to discover unique insights that can help your organization see and respond to changing business conditions. And, with the software's ability to connect to the SAP HANA platform, businesses get access to real-time answers buried in massive amounts of data.

With SAP Lumira, you can:

  • Pull, prep and visualize data without a single line of code

  • Combine, organize and enrich enterprise and ad-hoc data sources to find new ways of looking at your business

  • Consume data the way you process thoughts: fast, interactive, and visual

  • Get real-time answers on any volume of data

  • View the big picture and drill down to details

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