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Crystal Xcelsius Professional is point-and-click data visualization software designed to create Flash-based interactive Excel dashboards from ordinary spreadsheets -- and share them via Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and the Web. Crystal Xcelsius Professional lets you interact with company data from PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and the Web in ways that were previously unachievable.

Create interactive dashboards quickly.

Crystal Xcelsius uses simple point-and-click to convert spreadsheets into visually stunning, interactive Excel dashboards, charts, graphs, and visual calculators, and integrates them into PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, PDF and the Web.

With Crystal Xcelsius Professional you will receive:

  • 62 visualization components, optimized for dynamic simulations
  • Drill-down animated charts
  • Excel function support
  • Unicode support for non-Western languages
  • Many fonts and maps

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