SAP Lumira, personal edition

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Analyze spreadsheet data with visualizations that pop, with SAP Lumira software. Fast data manipulation and visual analysis allow you to discover the beauty behind your Excel data - to quickly see and share insights you need.

Want to go beyond Excel and analyze your databases and other sources?
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Ignite your creative ideas with fast and
engaging data discovery

SAP Lumira, personal edition lets you build interactive visualizations to analyze spreadsheet data for insights that you can see and share. You can surface issues and spot anomalies immediately, then drill into details or iterate with more data for a more complete picture. Combine and enrich data with drag and drop features so you can follow your curiosity and discover insights quickly.

See what you’ve been missing with SAP Lumira, personal edition data visualization software – it’s free!

  • Visually analyze your data to uncover hidden insights

  • Manipulate and enrich data as you want to see it

  • Combine multiple spreadsheets or use with SAP HANA One to get a complete picture

  • Save time prepping your analysis for consumption by upper management

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