SAP StreamWork, professional edition

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Transform the way you work by bringing method to the madness.

Discuss. Decide. Deliver.

Getting things done quickly and effectively requires teamwork. SAP StreamWork empowers employees by providing a collaborative decision-making environment that brings together people, information, and business methods for collecting feedback, brainstorming, strategizing, and building consensus to drive results quickly. With SAP StreamWork you can improve the quality, transparency, and repeatability of successful decisions.

  • Cohesive online working environment – Unite people, information, and business methods

  • Leveraging knowledge – Stay in synch with notifications, activity streams, and action items

  • Familiar applications – Work with the applications you use today – including e-mail, WebEx, and Evernote

  • Capturing decisions – Create a corporate memory of a decision by tracking all discussions, information, and analyses around it

  • Tools for teamwork – Gain structure with proven, interactive business tools for planning, brainstorming, strategizing, building consensus, and driving decisions

  • Keeping information current – Upload and share up-to-date information so the entire team is basing decisions on current facts
  • Brings order to chaos – Drives results quickly and effectively within teams

  • Supports the best decision making possible – SAP Streamwork involves the right people, and obtains a collective view across the team while basing decisions on the most current facts

  • Improves individual and team productivity

  • Provides complete visibility – Gain insight into how decisions are made to help ensure commitment to the outcome and follow-through.

  • Offers immediate productivity – Because it’s easy to try and buy, SAP Streamwork doesn’t require a long technology project, and it works with your existing applications.

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