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See how SAP Crystal Solutions 2013 can bring the power of intelligence to your business.

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Rise Above the Competition with High-Performance Analytics.

Turn readily available data into actionable insights. React and adapt almost instantly to evolving situations, from macro disruptions such as global events to finite changes in the marketplace. Faster Insights are essential to thriving business. So what are you doing with your data?

Features & Benefits

Capture critical information and gain new insights into your business using a complete solution package that combines marketing-leading data integration, data management, and business intelligence (BI).

SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition is designed to meet the demands of your small to midsize organization without the need to integrate solutions from multiple vendors.

SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition includes:

  • Analyze data from any source with superior performance and scalability

  • Get up and running quickly with a single software package designed for easy installations

  • Deploy analytics tailored to your industry or departmental needs

Terms and Conditions

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Crystal Reports, Sap Visual Intelligence, and SAP Crystal Server add-on mobile solutions are available for purchase separately.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design viewing and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer are available with NUL licenses only. Maintenance, including technical support, is available for purchase separately.

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