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Buy SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition full product

Sharpen your competitive edge with our affordable, high-performance analytics for small business, SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition.

Gain a big data advantage on a small business budget – with SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition

Fueled by the proliferation of mobile technologies, web-enabled applications and innovations in all areas of computing and major changes in social media, the Global business ecosystem is generating increasing amounts of data. Leading businesses of all sizes and in all industries are recognizing the opportunities represented by the effective leveraging of Big Data. However, to drive bottom line results data in itself is not enough. Delivering business value demands a transformational shift from Big Data to putting Intelligent Data into the hands of the information consumer at the point of decision.

Intelligent Data can only be achieved when you can provide following capabilities:

  • Answers at high speed

  • Intuitive discovery and analysis experience

  • Self-service visualizations and analytics to convey and share knowledge

  • Insight from structured and unstructured data

Please Note:

  • SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Crystal Reports, Sap Visual Intelligence, and SAP Crystal Server add-on mobile solutions are available for purchase separately.

  • SAP Crystal Dashboard Design viewing and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer are available with NUL licenses only.

  • Maintenance, including technical support, is available for purchase separately.

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