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Take control of complex data and give it meaning with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (formerly Xcelsius). Turn raw data into sophisticated, interactive dashboards that will help you understand your data more quickly and thoroughly.

Create insightful and engaging dashboards from any data source with point-and-click ease

Consolidate key metrics and information from multiple sources into a single dashboard to monitor business performance with SAP® Crystalc Dashboard Design software. Dashboards with what-if analysis and visualizations such as maps, charts, and gauges present critical business key performance indicators (KPIs) with drillable, interactive dashboard views that can be deployed within Microsoft Office applications, through SAP Crystal Server, or via Flash, web applications or mobile devices.

  • Performance monitoring – Consolidate multiple reports and data from various locations into a single dashboard.

  • Improved decision making – View corporate data in an understandable format.

  • Predictive modeling – See the impact of your decisions immediately with what-if scenarios based on real-time data.

  • Information management – Use the tools you already have to make information available to everyone.

  • Easy data access – When used with SAP Crystal Server software, the "Query Panel" accesses data through the Universe semantic layer making it easy to integrate live data into your dashboard.

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